Louise Bronaugh, M.S., Ph.D.

LouiseBronaugh.jpgLouise Bronaugh is the founder and CEO of BEST Workshops for Educators. As acting VP of Professional Services she is responsible for building and managing the training, professional development, and consulting services offered to schools and districts. She earned her masters degree in Special Education and doctorate in School Psychology from the University of Oregon. She taught students in general and special education, worked for the Oregon Department of Education and the University of Oregon and is a co-author of RTI in the Classroom: Guidelines and Recipes for Success. Summer Springboard is BEST Workshops’ innovative approach to raising graduation rates and preparing students for rigorous Common Core State Standards while simultaneously providing professional development to teachers to meet these needs.

                                                                                                                                                                      Shannon McCaw, M.S.

ShannonMcCawHeadshot.jpgShannon McCaw is BEST Workshops’ Instructional Trainer of Mathematics and is responsible for managing a team of instructional designers, consultants, and coaches to develop and deliver services that help teachers engage students and increase achievement. Shannon taught high school mathematics for ten years. She has been a consultant in over 100 districts in Oregon, helping districts develop professional learning communities, assessments for learning and teacher best practices. She is the lead author and publisher of the highly acclaimed Oregon Focus on Math, Core Focus on Math and Digging into Math.

Madeline Ahearn, M.S.

MaddyAhearn.jpg Madeline Ahearn is BEST Workshops’ Senior Consultant. As a middle school math teach in Oregon she specializes  in the pedagogy and curriculum that bring students with math deficits up to grade level. Madeline holds a 70% pass rate on spring OAKS with students who come to her in the fall as chronically failing. As a teacher leader, she has provided professional development on proficiency-based teaching and conceptual curriculum implementation. Before moving to Oregon, Madeline worked in Baltimore CIty Public School (BCPS). There, she taught high school level classes and provided coaching for other math teachers. Madeline designed the math component for the BCPS Summer Bridge program which included professional development for math teachers. Her areas of expertise include proficiency-based teaching and grading, cooperative learning and formative assessment.

Our Partners:

  Thinkersmith_Logo.png Kiki Prottsman, M.S.



At Thinkersmith, we believe that computers should be presented as a passion instead of just curriculum. People of all ages are inspired by music, sports and poetry; we believe that computer science can be presented with just as much excitement, ingenuity and enjoyment as any other hobby. It's time to take the intimidation out of informatics and just experience the pure joy that comes with creating fun and helpful applications. No matter what your comfort level, check us out and see what it feels like to master the digital domain.


           Money Mind 101

Christopher Bayer, Ph.D.
The Wall Street Psychologist

Money-Mind 101: Financial Management Training for Young Adults™ provides more than just guidance about the mechanics of proper money management. This program delves deeply into the psychology of money behavior, and the history of money.  Money-Mind 101 helps young people avoid serious financial mistakes with far reaching consequences. When coupled with an emotional understanding of one's money behavior Money-Mind 101 provides invaluable direction and instruction for young people. Financial health is as important as mental and physical health!